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July 26, 2020

Sustainable Development  

Welcome to the Sara Bronfman sustainability blog. With a recession looming, it’s time to come up with a good recovery plan. Indeed, many business leaders are already calling for action to reverse nature loss, a strengthened net-zero carbon goal, and a more circular economy. If this sort of mission is to be successful, it will need some quick wins in order to build support and participation among citizens and like-minded investors

While people were in lockdown for months and are fed up being confined to their homes. A green recovery should start here. Sara Bronfman fan blog suggested that we could make better use of roof space for new housing, solar energy, water storage, gardening, and more. Doing this will create many jobs.

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Secondly, food insecurity has been rising, and obesity has been an aggravating factor in COVID-19 mortalities. To encourage people to consume more fruits, vegetables, and cereals, the government could consider lowering the VAT rate for organic food and healthy suppliers. Setting up schemes and organisations focused on innovations in supply and combating waste would create jobs and make food supply chains more resistant to any recurrent crises.

There is also a risk that transport will simply return to the previous norm of traffic jams and air pollution. Now is the time to reclaim our cities from motor cars. Any green recovery should include a vast acceleration of biking infrastructures with interconnected cycle highways, safe locking stations, smart renting schemes, recharging infrastructures for e-bikes and e-scooters, and extended walkways. 

The above actions would complement efforts to transform the energy system away from fossil fuels and towards a system based on renewable generation, with decentralised “micro grids” and the ability to cope with a surge in demand from electric vehicles.

Sara Bronfman believes strongly in the importance of the natural environment. Learn more about Sara Bronfman online here. Visit the Sara Bronfman website. You can also check out the Sara Bronfman Amazon page here.

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