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July 02, 2020

Sustainable Business 

Welcome to the Sara Bronfman environmental news fan blog. You know you should make your business greener. You’ve heard all about how it can help protect the environment, save your company money, and boost your public image. But how exactly do you get started? Making businesses more sustainable starts with being aware of the issue at hand and understanding just how important it is to make changes — both for the business and the planet.

sara bronfmanSimply put, if businesses don’t act responsibly as members of the global community, the majority of many species will not survive past the 21st century. Now is the time for businesses to become part of the solution, cut down on emissions and waste, and contribute to cultivating a livable planet. Despite the rise of digital technology, many organizations still use more paper than necessary. Computers, smartphones, and other devices are integrated into the workplace; use them to their fullest extent and avoid using paper whenever possible.

According to the Sara Bronfman blog, remote work is technically another type of green commute, as it keeps drivers and cars off of the roads. If your workplace doesn’t already do so, start recycling. Provide ample recycling bins in the workplace and if your city has a composting program, take advantage of it.

Reducing the environmental impact of your business will improve the sustainability of your business. If you are less dependent on natural resources than your competitors and have ways to deal with rising costs due to climate change, your business will have a greater chance of long-term success.

Do you have other ideas to make a business eco-friendly?

Sara Bronfman believes strongly in the importance of the natural environment. Read more about Sara Bronfman here. Visit the Sara Bronfman website and learn more about environmental awareness and sustainability. Promoting business sustainability is a crucial part of being an environmental steward, so jump in and contribute your views about it on Sara Bronfman Twitter here.

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