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July 07, 2020

Biomass Energy

Welcome to the Sara Bronfman environmental news fan blog. As the UK moves away from fossil fuel, it’s interesting to note which are the most prevalent energy sources replacing coal. The production and use of wood as energy has clear benefits for the environment as wood is a renewable resource that is carbon neutral and reduces waste and pollution when used as fuel.
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Biomass contributed around 4% during the UK’s longest spell of electricity generated without coal to date, while other ‘green’ options like wind and solar accounted for 12 and 11% respectively. However, The Renewable Energy Association’s June 2019 report suggests that bioenergy could triple from the levels we see today to 16% by 2032 – and could play a role in getting the UK back on track with emissions reduction targets. Another report from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has suggested that biomass could provide 60 per cent of global renewable energy by 2030.

According to the Sara Bronfman blog, biomass produces lower emissions than burning coal. But no generation system is entirely zero carbon, and some biomass production systems are less sustainable than others.

In reality, there’s no real reason why a biomass plant that big can’t be sustainable. The more important questions are where exactly the fuel is coming from, how it is being produced and transported, and how much carbon is being emitted along the way. Analysing whole supply chains and taking a long-term view will be crucial in ensuring that biomass is as sustainable option as possible.

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